Westchester County Tummy Tuck Surgeon
Dr. Joshua Greenwald

Welcome to the website of the renowned tummy tuck surgeon, Dr. Joshua Greenwald. As one of the more experienced White Plains and Westchester County abdominoplasty specialists, Dr. Greenwald has helped numerous patients realize their dreams of a flat abdomen and a well-defined waistline.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald uses this information to develop highly customized treatment plans that consistently deliver outstanding results for his tummy tuck patients. In order to recommend the best tummy tuck procedure for each of his patients, Dr. Greenwald conducts thorough pre-surgical consultations. During this time, he carefully evaluates the patient’s stature, the amount of excess skin and fatty tissue in the abdominal area, and the patient’s overall health history. Dr. Greenwald uses this information to develop highly customized treatment plans that consistently deliver outstanding results for his patients.

Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery in NYC

As a highly experienced abdominoplasty surgeon, Dr. Greenwald recognizes that thorough patient education plays an important role in achieving rewarding tummy tuck surgery results. This is why he takes the time to personally meet with each patient before his or her surgery in order to explain the proposed procedure, surgical techniques, incision placement, recovery time and possible complications. Dr. Greenwald also shows the prospective patients several before and after abdominoplasty photos of other NYC tummy tuck patients of similar stature and aesthetic concerns. In addition, he takes the time to answer any questions his patients might have. The goal of the thorough patient preparation process is to relieve anxiety and to allow the patients to make well-informed decisions regarding their surgical procedures.

Additional Body Contouring Procedures

At the state-of-the-art offices of Dr. Joshua Greenwald, patients are offered a complete range of advanced body contouring procedures. In addition to performing tummy tuck, Dr. Greenwald also specializes in liposuction and body lift. Joshua Greenwald, MD, has many years of experience performing combination procedures, and he works diligently to determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

Contact Your Westchester Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Joshua Greenwald, MD, encourages prospective patients to peruse this website in order to learn more about tummy tuck surgery. However, he cautions patients that no amount of Internet research can replace a one-on-one consultation with an experienced tummy tuck specialist. If you feel self-conscious due to your stomach appearance and have been wondering whether tummy tuck is for you, contact Dr. Greenwald’s offices today to schedule a personal consultation.